Have You Tried Everything To
Relieve Your Low Back Pain?
Still Suffering?

The ABS System has achieved an over 85%
success rate in relieving low back pain!

Your Problem is
Not Uncommon. . .

Your spine consists of a column of 24 movable bones
known as vertebrae. Situated between each vertebra is
a fibrous covered disc with a jelly-like center.  Each disc
acts as a shock absorber within the spine. Sometimes,
these discs dislodge spontaneous Trauma to the spine
can also cause a disc to dislodge from its proper position.
This phenomenon is referred to as disc herniation. When
a disc herniation, it often places pressure on spinal nerve
roots, thereby causing severe pain. Unlike other parts of
the body, the disc does not have its own blood supply
and relies on a process called diffusion to receive its supply
of oxygen and nutrients. If the flow of these nutrients
becomes disrupted, vertebral discs can degenerate and
cause pain. Disc degeneration may occur simply due to
the aging process. Sciatica, posterior facet syndrome,
and spinal stenosis / arthritis are other problems that
may cause debilitating back pain.

What Are Your
Doctor’s Orders?

Have you taken two aspirin and
hoped for the best in the moving?
Over-the-counter medications may
mask pain symptoms for a short
time but, they do not address the
real problem.

 Has your physician prescribed stronger and stronger pain medication to help you stay functional? Have you been offered
an invasive procedure to ease your suffering, such as an injection?

Manipulation, another popular treatment for lumbar dysfunction,
may relieve pain symptoms for a longer period of time. How
many visits has it taken to experience a respectable leval of relief?
Is the pain and the problem so severe that your physician has
discussed surgery? In most cases, surgery should only be
considered after all non-invasive therapies have failed. Statistics
reveal that many bad surgeries are followed by additional surgical
procedures. A long recovery period is required after surgery
and medical follow-up can be extensive.



We provide Non-surgical spinal decompression at our office.  Using the ABS Spinal Decompression Unit, The “Original” Decompression leader.

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