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IT’S HERE ! REVELAR free Radical tester !

FREE RADICALS are killing us !     

Free radical damage are killing the cells in our bodies, causing greater risk of
cardiovascular disease, cancer and ACCELERATED AGING ! [ L.J. Machlin and A. Bendich, The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (1987) ]

Americans are spending billions in anti-oxidants and dietsprograms to fight free radicals.

But let’s face it, each one of us is different with unique physical dynamics.
There is no we can guess whether our vitamins and antioxidants are working  effectively for our own needs—we need our own personalized game plan.

“Revelar’s measurement system is the gold standard
for measuring free radical damage. There is a lot of speculation and
subjective information floating out there in the market.  With the REVELAR free radical analyser we can accurately determine whether what you are doing is working and enable OUR patients to improve their health
and understand why it’s improving,”

Factually Measuring
Free Radicals
For Better Health.

Call today to schedule an appointment for you REVELAR test.  Talk to Staff at 909-648-3551

About Standard Process: Whole Food Supplements

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**In our office we use Standard Process products. A company that strives and is the leader in producing natural whole food supplements.

Through years of extensive study in the field of nutrition, Dr. Royal Lee believed that the best natural sources of vitamins and minerals are found in whole foods.

His research led to the development of concentrated food supplements uniquely processed to preserve the maximum nutrients of the whole food. Today, this whole food philosophy is reflected in all of the product formulas produced by Standard Process .

Dr. Lee’s theories have been proven by the successful use of Standard Process products by health-care professionals for over 70 years. Dr. Lee’s relatives, the Du Bois family, are the third generation to own and operate Standard Process and continued division of Dr. Lee by providing the best in whole food supplements now and into the future.

The quality of nutritional supplements hinges on the quality of the raw materials they are made from. That’s why Standard Process grows many of the raw materials used in our products on company owned, organically certified farmland in Palmer, Wisconsin. On the rich Midwestern topsoil of Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine, grown crops are laden with nutrition.

Standard Process begins by testing the mineral and nutrition levels of the soil. Then, planting only organic seeds and nurturing them through the growing season. This creates a natural balance of the nutrients and minerals in every plant harvested for our unique products. The whole food goodness in our supplements truly starts with the sun, water, and fertile soil.

After harvesting, Standard Process uses exclusive, patented separation and extraction processes and unique low temperature, vacuum drying methods to insure that the nutrients remain intact with all the goodness that nature has provided. These techniques retain the nutrients in their whole forms, complete with the essential components-known as natural synergists-that allow your body to naturally unlock their health-promoting properties.

Unlike mass-produced products containing high concentrations of only a few nutrients, Standard Process products provide quality nutrients in natural forms readily absorbed by your body. The term “potency” is not synonymous with the term “quantity”. It is the quality of these nutrients, rather than the quantity, that determines potency.

Standard Process monitors the quality of their supplements from the moment the seed is planted to the time the finished product is packaged. This ensures that only the highest quality supplements are produced.

Standard Process’ on-site laboratory houses degreed microbiologist and chemists who continually check for purity in potency.

Bacteriological testing is performed on our raw materials, product batches, and finished products. Normally, a product is tested 6-8 times throughout the manufacturing process. At Standard Process, they take great pride in our quality control measures.

“We’ve packaged whole food goodness, but we can’t package the wisdom of health-care professionals.” Professional’s knowledge and experience allows them to recommend Standard Process products and regimens that meet each patient’s unique health needs. That’s why Standard Process products are only offered through qualified health-care professionals.

1000 acres of farmland, exclusive manufacturing process, intense quality control, and whole food goodness: Standard Process offers you deemed essential nutrients of life drawn from whole foods.

Call or Stop by for a consult with Dr. Mike Trudeau to learn more about Standard Process: Whole Food Supplements, Purification Product Kits, and Snacks.
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