ABOUT Dr. Mike Trudeau





Dr. Mike Trudeau is a Chiropractor who has been practicing in San Bernardino, California, since 1987 and has been serving the North End of the San Bernardino community since 2004.

Although he started his practice to treat mainly in Sports injury and family practice, he is constantly learning new ways to benefit his patients so they will get the best care possible.

He specializes and treats: Fibromyalgia; Injury Rehabilitation; Spinal Disc Decompression; Sports Injury; Foot problems; Chronic Conditions; Shoulder Pain; Spinal Conditions and Trauma; Scoliosis; Numbness in Arms & Legs; Whiplash; Ankle Sprain and Instability; Digestive Disorders; various types of Headaches, including Migraines; regular family Chiropractic care; and moreā€¦

Our staff works hard to bring Wellness to all who walk through our doors in a natural, cost effective way. We perform brain based treatment for the many chronic pain disorders.

Call for a consultation with Dr. Mike Trudeau for chronic pain, specialized orthotics, or whole food supplements. In addition, if you are in need of a physical for sports.

Advanced Injury Center- A Chiropractic & Injury Recovery Clinic
North End of San Bernardino

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