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Pes Planus (Flat Feet)

A true flat foot is rare. Generally, a flat footed-person is only suffering from a functional flat foot caused by excess pronation. Excess pronation causes the foot’s arch to collapse and elongate giving the appearance of a flat foot. A functional flat foot is quite common and generally exhibits symptoms ranging from sore/tired feet to general leg fatigue and body aches.

Orthotics (foot supports) control excess pronation by preventing excess calcaneal eversion during the contact phase of gait. This prevents secondary unlocking of the mid-tarsal joints during the mid-stance phase of gait which is commonly representative of Pes Planus (flat feet)

In other words:
Our Foot Supports (Orthotics) and Treatment Programs are designed to control excess pronation which is the common cause of functional flat feet; thereby restoring the foot’s arch to normal. We have an 85% success rate! AND, We just added Laser to our foot treatment program to make it even better !!!

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Article is from: Performance Through Innovation: Practitioner’s guide to dispensing Vasyli Orthotics by Phillip J. Vasyli (p. 35)

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